How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi with WPS Push Button Connect

In this guide we will explain various ways through which HP printers can be seamlessly Connect HP Printer to WiFi. Wireless connectivity has provided so much ease and relaxation that it has become a mandatory feature of all digital devices. The wireless connectivity has changed the way we used to utilize our printer in daily life.

Now no more tangling with wires and no more hassle with setting up connect, simple and effortless printing. If you are someone who is wondering how to establish WiFi connection with your HP printer then our comprehensive guide is just for you.

How to connect my printer to the WiFi Without a Router

If you wish to provide your HP printer with WiFi connectivity without using the router, here is the easy way, you can use the WPS Push button feature and provide WiFi connectivity to your HP Printer. Let us now learn how to do that

How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi with WPS Push Button Connect

WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) has now become a common feature of modern routers. It facilitates secure WiFi connection with minimum efforts. Unlike the normal setup it doesn’t require SSID to configure your printer for WiFi connectivity, you can securely connect any device by using a butter or entering PIN. Below are the steps you need to follow

  • Switch on The Device: Make sure your device is connected properly to a power switch and switched on. 
  • Locate the WPS Button: Now the next step is to look for the WPS button both on your HP printer and also on your WiFi router.
  • Using Push Button: Now the next step is establishing secure connection using the push button for WPS feature. Press the WPS button on you printer and router
  • Look for The Confirmation: The process of establishing connection might take a few moments, wait for the confirmation alert, once connection is established you can start printing seamlessly.
How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi with WPS Push Button Connect

How to Connect HP Printer to HP Auto Wireless Connect Software

In case your HP printer has auto wireless connect software, this software can help you connect with WiFi network without having you connecting any cable or manually entering details of the network. Follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Switch on of your printer
  • Install the software and necessary drivers from official HP portal
  • Now follow the instructions
  • You will receive a prompt asking for connection type
  • Select the connection type to establish the connection

Best Way to Connect HP Printer to Laptop

You can easily connect your laptop with HP Printer seamlessly using the following steps.

Using HP Smart App: HP has made wireless connection very simple with their HP Smart connect app.

  • First of all begin by downloading HP Smart App on your laptop
  • Visit the official HP Portal to complete this step
  • Once the download is completed, initiate the installation process by clicking on the setup file
  • Follow the instructions
  • Now launch the HP Smart App, it will guide you to connect with HP Printer and WiFi network.

Using Built-In Feature of Add Printer & Scanner

  • Go to start menu
  • Look for Add Printer or Scanner
  • Click the option and follow the instruction provided through prompt
  • Windows will automatically help you to connect with the printer.

How To connect HP Printer to Mac & Phone

For the Macintosh users looking to connect HP Printer here are the simple steps in which it can be done seamlessly.

Using Apple Provided Feature Airprint: The Airprint feature of apple allows users to print documents and photos from anywhere without having them to download any specific drivers or additional software.

  • Check if you HP Printer Support Airprint
  • Make sure the printer is connected to same network as your Mac
  • Click on Airprint it will list the available printers
  • Select your HP Printer 
  • Connect and start printing from anywhere

Using HP Smart App:  

Using Smart App is the easiest way you can connect your HP printer with Mac. This app is compatible with most HP printers and the Mac operating system from apple.

You can install HP Smart App directly from the app store or you by visiting the official HP portal for guidance. Once the app is installed, launch the app and follow the prompt for establishing connection.

Using Traditional Way:

In case you are having difficulty in downloading HP Smart App or the having compatibility issue then you can try the traditional method

  • Add the printer to Mac printer queue by installing a generic driver
  • Make sure HP printer is connected to Mac either with USB or through WiFi
  • For WiFi connection make sure it is using the same network as your Mac
  • Go to the Spotlight icon to and look for open Printers & Scanners.
  • Click Add Printer
  • Select the printer or enter the printer IP address on the IP tab.
  • Click Add to complete the setup.

Connecting HP Printer with Phone

Connecting your HP Printer to your smartphone really gives you ease of printing from anywhere and elevates your printing experience. For connecting your HP printer to a smartphone simply download the HP Smart app and follow the instructions received through prompts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my printer not connecting to Wi-Fi?

There can be multiple reasons for this, some of the examples due to weak WiFi signals, outdated drivers or your printer and device using different WiFi networks. Investigating and troubleshooting the correct reason is the key,

Why can’t my printer find my network?

There can be multiple reasons because of which you can encounter this issue. It can be due to weak signal strength, outdated drivers or using the wrong network name or configuration issue.

How do I connect my printer to wireless Wi-Fi?

You can connect your printer to WiFi WPS feature or using HP Auto Wireless Connect Software.

How do I reconnect my HP printer after changing Wi-Fi?

HP Smart app: Guide you through setup.

Laptop’s built-in options: Search for “Add printer” and follow instructions.

Why Won’t my HP printer connect to my Wi-Fi?

It can be due following reasons

Incorrect WiFi information
Using different WiFi network than the device
Weak WiFi signal
Outdated Drivers

How do I Get My HP Printer Back Online Wi-Fi?

You can try to few simple steps

You can try restarting your computers
Make sure you are using the correct WiFi network and entering correct password
Make sure your drivers are updated

How Do I Connect my Printer to My Network?

The best way is through the HP Smart app: and follow the onscreen instruction or  Search “Add printer” in your device and follow instructions.

Final Words

HP Printers are not only providing quality and performance but also the convenience by embracing wireless technology. There are various ways to connect your digital devices to connect with HP printers and connecting your HP Printer to WiFi. Features like HP Smart App and compatibility with Air print adds to the conveniences

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